What is 10xtr and what can it do for me?

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10xTr is a community of local business professionals who wants to earn their business by making referrals to each other.  

Getting referrals (also known as "word of mouth") is the key growth factor for all businesses. This is specially true for service professionals like a CPA, Lawyer, Electrician, Plumber, Maid, Child Care, or a Financial Adviser. 

When we are in need of a particular service, we don't want to rely on the entire planet to give us recommendations.   

Best solutions is to reach out to people we already know and trust. They are mostly likely to give us the best recommendation. After all, you want your personal needs to be handled by someone you already know.

Business owners are usually in a great position to help their customers connect with other business professionals. However, they seldom do. 

Almost all business owners are making and receiving referrals online or offline. Traditionally, business owners either make an informal referral by passing on a name  or a phone number or take a more professional approach by joining a group that meets weekly or monthly. 

10xTr brings this concept of "Business Networking and Referrals" online. We make it easy, automated, transparent, always available and bring reporting to otherwise unaccountable "referrals".

10xTr is a system that automates the mundane part of managing relationships and helps you focus on what you should be doing - making stronger relationships.

What can 10xtr do for me ?

10xTr gives you a beautiful blog that automates social marketing and referral generation.

As a 10xTr, You can also give a "Free Blog" to any of your business network members. Each one of their blog will have a "Sponsored By" banner but in return you will promote their business and their blog post to people in your network.

Let's say I am an Attorney or  a Dentist. My clients include Restaurant Owners, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers,  and other small business owners.  I can give each one of them a "FREE Blog" and promote each one of them to my clients.

Your Business Network Members immediately see value because you are promoting their business. Who do you think they will be referring business to?

Now, that is just the start.

You can ask each one of your business network members to add exclusive discounts for your customers.  These discounts will be available to your prospect under "offers". For example, you might go meet with some of your favorite restaurant owners in your area. Ask them to offer 20% to every client your refer to them. You give them a FREE Blog and now every member of your consumer network can take advantage of exclusive deals from your network.

10xTr takes care of the back end, discount codes etc. You focus on delivering value to customers and business network and we do the rest.

 that allows you to connect with your client and business network. 

Following this process of building a local community of your customers and business professionals will help you become a trusted resource in your area.

  • Allows you to establish trust with your customers.
  • Gives your customers more reasons to stay in touch with you.
  • Allows you to deliver better and repeat value to your customer.
  • Allows you to build your business network.
  • Allows you to earn reputation as a "leader" in your area.