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 Do you have a lead generation problem?

Insurance Agents spends thousands of dollars for buying leads or print/online advisements. However, overwhelming majority of agents we surveyed told us that their best leads come from their own website & referrals. Wouldn't you agree?

If yes, than it makes sense to invest your limited resources on enhancing your website & referral network.  Can your customer notice a difference between you and your competition?   Can you prospective buyer understand why they should get a policy from you?   When was the last time new content was added to your site? Do you know if traffic to your site is consistently growing or not?

10xTer helps insurance agents by building a growth oriented website that generates more leads & referrals. We help you build authority, clear differentiation from your competition & help your build an automated referral system that sets you aside from everyone else in your market. 

Your New Insurance Website comes loaded with high converting lead magnets & other tools to convert visitors into leads.  Our program is easy to get started with & requires no developer or designer for ongoing maintenance.  We can get you up & running within a couple of minutes and take care of security, back ups and operation of your website.

Most of our clients see a significant improvement in the number & quality of leads in less than 7 days.  We can help you get you more leads from almost any kind of traffic including organic or local SEO, Google Ads, social media, blogging, videos, email marketing, traditional advertising, or a combination of all these things. 

Want to see leads & referrals growing in 30 days or less?

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  How Can You Take Charge Of Your Marketing ?

    Grow your business without spending tons of money on buying leads & online advertisements. 10xTer is your all inclusive marketing system that comes with tons of tools for generating leads and referrals.  

Your Agency Website & Unlimited Landing Pages 

There are thousands of insurance agency websites but only few can generate good quality leads.  10xTer allows you to create free landing pages with automated lead funnels to generate leads from search engines, social media or online advertising.

40+ Built-In Insurance Lead Funnels

No need to spend your time and money on expensive lead funnels. Your new site will come with 40+ insurance lead funnels to help you get more leads without having to spend extra funds on advertising. 

Referrals: Use The Power of Local Networking

A great way of generating new business is by genuinely helping the local businesses in your area.  You can easily create a professional directory of local professionals and send them automated referrals from your websites.


What Our Clients Say

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Car Insurance

Get more insurance 

leads & referrals

10xTer is a great way to grow your insurance agency by building

trust, authority & online presence.

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What makes our independent agency different?

We represent multiple insurance companies.

We represent multiple insurance companies.

We represent multiple insurance companies.

We represent multiple insurance companies.

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The Advantage of an Independent Agency Working for You

What makes our independent agency different?

  • We represent multiple insurance companies.
  • We are licensed insurance advisors.
  • We are by your side every step of the way.
  • We offer a wide variety of insurance solutions.
  • We are there for you in your time of need.
FInd Out How 

Emerge Insurance Agency

Learn more about our agency.

Emerge Insurance Agency appreciates the opportunity to show love, care, and respect for their prospects and clients by putting their interest first. We realize that everyone is seeking the lowest cost or premium when buying insurance; however, we strive to ensure that our clients have the best coverage at the lowest premium.

Stability, reliability, and competence are what you can expect from our friendly and experienced staff. We will not compete on price if the lowest price will potentially harm a client. We would rather lose a new client than sell a policy that only benefits us and not provide adequate protection. We will compete to find the protection that minimizes your risks and restores confidence after a loss.

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The Solution To Your Insurance Needs

Providing a variety of business insurance and personal insurance solutions is what Emerge Insurance Agency does best.