What is 10xTr ?

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10xTr is the world's easiest website builder for services professionals like Insurance Agents, Realtors, CPAs, Handyman, Plumbers, Electricians, Maids, Gardeners, Interior Decorators, Solar Installers, and other service professionals.

The beauty of our websites is in their simplicity and ease of use.  Every site is mobile-friendly and designed to encourage your prospect to contact you while browsing any page of your website.   

Every part of the website is designed to help you naturally rank in search engines so your customer can easily find and contact you.  We do not limit the number of page, images or projects you can add to your website.  Your new site is professional secured, backed up and managed by our staff (at no additional cost).  You will NOT need a web developer or marketing firm to operate your new website.  

Top 5 reasons why handyman business owners love their new 10xTr website are:

  1. Low Cost
  2. Speed of Set Up
  3. Easy of Use
  4. Mobile Friendliness
  5. Collection & Promotion of ALL online reviews.

How does it works?

We will send you a fully functioning website upon your request.

Your site will be complete and ready for use within few hours.

Your location, services & contact information is all pre-configured.  

We will search, find and store all of your online reviews and display the approved ones on your website to help you build trust with your customers. 

You will be able to add new post, services, projects, images, videos to your new website and make changes at any time.


Invest In Your Business (Not in online portals):

Do you know that adding Images & Videos of your projects to your website can improve your search engine ranking & help you get more jobs.  Many service professionals are letting online portals generate free leads with their image & videos.  

Shouldn't you be saving your own content and displaying them on your own website? Shouldn't you be generating your own FREE leads?

10xTr allows you to create unlimited projects and add images or videos.

This helps your website rank better in search engines and allows your prospects to easily find you when looking for a relevant service in their specific area.

 What can 10xTr Help You With ?

1. Easy, Simple To Use Website:  Our websites are easy for you and your customers.  No Techy Crap. No Web Designers, No Drag and Drop Module Builders.  Your site is ready to use from day one.  Forget about figuring out how to manage website, how to add video. Stop wasting time on managing website, spend that time on growing your business instead.

2. Lead Generation Tools:  Your 10xTr comes ready with various lead generation tools so you don't have buy other marketing products.  Everything is pre-configured and ready to go live.

3. Easy ways to add content:  Ok so you got a good website.  You have added lead generation tools but now you need to add content to attract prospects.  10xTr gives you plenty of networking tools to connect with your local community and generate quality content.

What is 10xTr ?

Don't get stuck in marketing jargons and fancy sales script.

We understand your pain.

Your website is your online home. You should be proud of it. It should be secured, easy to grow, and easy to use.    

Your website should work 24/7 attracting prospects, improving search rankings, generating leads and referrals for your business.

And it shouldn't have to sell your kidney to pay for it.  

And you shouldn't have to go to school for 10 years to learn how to make it work.